Club Coach, cancer survivor, shares his insights on wellness, in a gratis presentation from ASCA


The presentation from Jeff of the ISL and Rose Bowl Aquatics in California needs to be purchased for $0. So, you need to make a login, do the checkout, and then eventually get to the link to the presentation. 

His suggestions on governance and bylaws include:

USA Swimming should increase the requirement for holding a swim club charter. 

Perhaps USA Swimming can make two different levels so that the feeder programs / novice type teams are treated with a different set of expectations from the more competitive clubs. 

  • The issue: Everything wants to do everything!
  • Issue: Watering down the talent level.
  • Issue: Too many teams.
  • Issue: Revolving door for coaches. Not the right mentorships. 

Seeking support for coaches from USA Swimming:

  • Issue: Can three parents get together and fire a head coach?
  • Vacation details and breaks should be part of the structure and understanding of the teams.

Get coaches protected within the club structure. 

  • Issue: Benefits: Health Insurance, 401k. 

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