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See you at 2 pm EASTERN, June 25, 2021.

Peter Carpenter Q&A

Join us on June 25, 2021, for a Live Q&A with Coach Peter Carpenter

Coach Carpenter has extensive experience with Paralympic swimming and running big clubs and will be answering all your questions to help you take your team from beginners to Olympic medalists. You can find more information about this event in the attached flyer.

Also, find three insightful articles in our last newsletter edition:

     1-  Innovation and the Future of Swimming Coaching: Part 2 by David Pyne, Ph.D., FACSM     

     2- The Inner Game of Tennis: Lessons on the Psychology of High Performance by Nick Wignall

     3- What Sports Teach Us About Winning Teams. We can all learn from athletes and coaches about how teams can grow and improve together by Katie Burke          

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Feel free to email me if you wish to attend the Live Q&A.

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Meriem Kebbab, Executive Director World Swimming Coaches Associationhttps://www.wscacoach.org/ 

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