Podcasts were bogging down my mobile phone

My mobile phone was getting bogged down without any extra space. 

Podcasts are on both my phone, and a different list is on my tablet. This list was copied here and then most of them were deleted.

  • The Daily, NY Times
  • Free Talk Live
  • FivethirtyEight Politics
  • The Mindset Mentor
  • Global News Podcast, BBC
  • Up First
  • Burn It All Down
  • The Hustle and Flowchart
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Self Publishing School : 
  • This American Life
  • The Feed The Official Libsyn
  • Marketing School - Digial
  • The Human Connection Podcast
  • Creative Elements
  • Power Up for Profits Podcast
  • The Smart Passive Income
  • Edge of Sports
  • Swim Talk a2B with Dana Abbot
  • Crushed
  • The End of Sport Podcast
  • Swim Coaches Base
  • AquaTalk
  • Distribute, with Matt Mulle
  • TrainingPeaks Coach Cast
  • The PLR Show
  • Crossing the Lane Lines
  • The Mike Dillard Show
  • Lead to Win
  • Presidential
  • 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness
  • The Conscious Man
  • Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt

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